Welcome to J.DRAKE KNIVES.   

Up for your consideration are custom knives for the hunter and collector. Everything here is made in the U.S.A., by hand, from grinding a raw chunk of steel to stitching the leather sheaths. I'm passionate about making them and find much satisfaction when they are complete. Quality is extremely important to me and by quality I mean using top-shelf materials, function that performs at a superior level, and beauty that makes them a pleasure to see. These are extraordinary products as I plan for generations of use and enjoyment. Feel free to email me about anything from the process to requests for a knife. Requests can include cherished materials of your own such as antlers from big game you have taken, special woods or even synthetics. I do take my time in making them and have no plans to be a volume producer. Enjoy your stay and feel free to look around.                                            

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